Corporate Video Production Services in Toronto

Video is the most emotive of media. Images and sounds are incredibly persuasive and professional corporate videos give your company a powerful, sophisticated voice that instantly puts you ahead of your competition. It’s not by chance that some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies use corporate video to get their message across. Call 647.938.5826 or visit Toronto Video Services for more info

Specialty Video Services Corporate Commercial and Industrial Video

  • Real Estate Tours
  • Aerial Video
  • Kickstarter Videos
  • Safety Videos

Real Estate Home Video Tours

Our sister Real estate video production company Open House Television pioneered the new real estate marketing technique that other companies are following today.

Steadicam Walk-through

Our home video tours are shot on Steadicam and feature music, voice-over and free photography.

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Drone Aerial Video Services

Drones are a great tool for producing aerial shots for corporate videos, real estate video tours, farming, highrise buildings, industrial mapping and surveying.

Aerial Video Production Crew

Our video crew has many years experience shooting video and photography from planes and helicopters.

We love Kickstarter Videos!

We started five companies from scratch. We believe in supporting small business, call us to discuss how we can help you promote your business through video marketing.

Affordable Video Pricing!

We understand the money situation on start-ups so we keep our video production rates friendly to help you get going.

Safety Training Videos

Corporate, commercial and industrial safety and instructional video production is our specialty, our crews work together with your organization's safety officials to create a comprehensive safety video package to be offered on DVD or online, further more. Our crews can edit your safety video on location so ensure accuracy and complete client satisfaction.

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Corporate Solutions

  • Corporate Event Video Production +

    Twenty years shooting live events for television says, our video crews are used to work under pressure with tight deadlines surrounded by celebrities and high profile people, we can take care of your corporate event no problem.
  • Corporate Video Presentations +

    We produce corporate video presentations, sales video packages and investors video reports for several corporations. we are also familiar with non disclosure agreements. Call to discuss your needs. Read More
  • High-end Corporate Profile Videos +

    Corporate Video profiles, about us, product videos, promo ID's and explainer videos are our specialty, please visit our dedicated corporate video production website Toronto Video Services
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